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All Down The Line

In the birthplace of the bohemian movement we found ourselves full of mysticism and the need to create. With The Rolling Stones fueling our rebel spirits we let ourselves roam free while our inspiration consumed us. The lush landscapes of the South of France and the lavish age old architecture dripped romance. We followed this romanticism and rebelled against our typical confines, to find a place that is as true and pure as Rock n' Roll …


Start Me Up 

All down the line we wandered, roamed, and indulged
While holding onto the notion that phases of darkness and chaos are
Always countered by
Our artistic desires absorbed us as
We led the way
To create our monument to Rock n’ Roll
The laws of attraction
Pulling the forces together
Raising our vibrations
Even higher
To reach a new phase of inspiration and reminding us that 

We’ll never stop, 
never stop, 
never stop


Bridges To Babylon

We've often dreamed of leaving it all behind
living slow like honey
living free and off the land
with only the coast in sight
Nothing planned
No schedule
Just living out our guiding light
We would pass the days by
watching the seeds we planted bloom, change, and grow over time
All the while letting our love like wild ivy intertwine
Maybe this is why we dream so often
to keep something sweetly glimmering on the horizon
while we chase the golden skies from dusk till dawn
hoping they are Bridges to Babylon


Rainbow Azul

The sensation of being
the salt in the air
the thick heat that left her sticky
The newness she felt toward everything
She lived by the sun and drank mezcal by the moon
wiggled her toes in the warm water
and counted each new freckle as a badge of honor
never questioning her surroundings
it felt like eden
her own lush heaven
full of innocence and wonder…


Spirit of Isla 

But perfection can get stale
and a love can wane and leave you bored as hell
so she gathered her things
and stepped wildly beyond her grid
found new land she called azul
and named every new bloom by her hand
the mystics and the saints
the spirit of the Isla
called out to her
the graveyards
mirrored by churches
The vibrant colors covered by shadows
She breathed this island, it's native tongue
And all at once she knew were she belonged
Out with the mystics, and the saints, and the mezcal moonlight



Under the moon
glowing bones
Full or crescent
We're in your throws
Transformed and illuminated
A mystical love grows ...
With a new moon on the rise
Let us stare in awe as it pulls the tides
All of these cosmic connections shining from within you
Letting the divine be our guide to our higher selves 



A flutter of the heart, patterns intertwining
Giving into the transcendence that is pure love
In the beauty of believing, comes the will to be free
Art swirling through the sky
Ethereal spirits multiply
In the end the love is all that remains
Shedding the weight of earthly pains



Healing powers with a crystal prowess
Brought forth by moonlight
Cosmic forces pulse through each cell
Making premonitions appear in clear sight
The Lunar phases of the true Moon child
Calls out the intuition and the unknown
The full moon reveals all
We're all now awakened to its call



Lounging around with the flowers on the wall
they just seem to speaks your language

Playing dress up in the mirror
Pot of coffee by the window 

thinking about the night to come
already hearing the records spin in your ears  
with glittery stars and boots that reach for the cosmos  

living out your daydreams
waiting on the yellow moon to shine
getting lost with the sunbeams that fill your room
until you can kiss the sky with your feet on the floor  


Le Disco 

In a circle of friends we found ourselves
surrounded by neon lights, old arcade games, roller skates
Donna Summers and a disco ball 

Sometimes life imitates art and other times you just need
a space to say fuck art let's dance 

This is where it happened
Sliding around a glossy wooden rink
acting like roller disco queens with a parade of faces we love 

Letting go of expectations and static roles
to let the energy and fun create our very own