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All of our bags are handmade around the world by the some of same artisans we’ve worked with for over ten years. Each bag is made using high grade leather and recycled metal hardware, Cleobella dust bag included. Meet some of our newest Cleobella Essentials.

The Robin Crossbody was inspired by a piece of art painted by our in house artist Alina Welch and her Husband Ryan Welch. It is bold and timeless, with traditional patchwork combining ultra soft leathers. Each color is intentionally placed to complement the other and create an alluring color story that is as unique and alluring as you !


The Sylvie Mini is meant to be versatile. Our personal favorite is the cherry red, we are loving this primary color trend, and it just so happens to be so festive. The tassel detailing, brass hardware and ultra soft leather make it a Holiday essential. It has two straps so you can use it for a special occasion as a mini tote or more casually as a crossbody, either way it’s versatility will charm any outfit.


The Boogie Clutch, inspired by just that, Boogie’n on down with our Bella Tribe. The starburst detail and rainbow pattern make this clutch a go-to that will never leave you high and dry. Bold where is counts and hand embroidered, the Boogie clutch shines !


The Stayin’ Alive Tote is your new party companion. It will literally elevate any outfit. The hammered brass handle is our favorite detail and can be easily slung over the wrist for when your favorite song comes on. Whether you’re in boyfriend jeans or your newest party dress, the Stayin’ Alive Tote was made to be seen.  


The Gillian Pouch is your new accessory crush. It’s sweet, small, but still holds all your essentials. For the Bella who has it all, The Gillain Pouch is the perfect gift!


We updated our favorite key accessory as the Hayden Disco Keychain (also makes them so much easier to find !) with a few of our favorite things: Moons, kisses, sparkles !


The Jackson Tote is your luxurious statement piece. It is handmade with love using a thicker leather for a more structured look. Like the Stayin’ Alive Tote this little number has hammered brass circular handles. The circular shape pays homage to the bold architectural designs of the 1970s.





How do we even begin to explain our admiration for Victoria Bailey. She is an absolute Bella, a spark of wild LOVE in the world. She fully embodies the message of sisterhood and empowerment we want to share! She is innately talented and sings from her heart, she fills every room she enters with kindness and joy. We are always enamored by the wisdom she shares through song and her powerfully positive energy. She is a constant reminder to choose love in a world that wants you to choose a side to oppose.
This is why we still march. We march with intention towards LOVE, always towards love. We hope you will feel empowered by these designs and know that all Bellas were made to be wild sparks of love !
We designed these three very special products to directly support The ACLU, Care.org, and Planned Parenthood! The Ladies Love Tee, Love Tote, and We Are One Bali Bracelet are near and dear to our hearts, they were designed with oneness, empowerment, and most importantly LOVE in mind. 100% of the proceeds of these gems will be donated to benefit The ACLU, Care.org, and Planned Parenthood. We stand with you, and for you Bellas ! 


In solidarity with you we stand
What beauty can come from oneness
Equality, peace, and empowerment
Spreading light like a sun kiss
Relentlessly loving and kind to the core
When you lift up others life becomes a boundless shore.
— xo, The Bella Tribe

Women's March Los Angeles

We met at the train station early in the morning with our unifying mission in mind.

We were full of excitement, some nerves, but mostly sisterhood.

Many of us had never been involved in a large scale protest, but we couldn't help but feel relentlessly compelled to march alongside, what turned out to be over seven hundred thousand, beautiful women. 

The largest protest in U.S history in fact. 

Even our Parisian babes in Europe had our back, how moving !

It was still dark out as we waited for the early train. I could already feel my mind and heart aligning toward gratitude. 


It is hard to recall this day without getting emotional.

It was so impactful, beautiful, inspiring, and truly awakening.

You see so much on the news about the chaos of protests and the violence that comes from them. 

This is what made me a little nervous that morning. 

Of course the nervous energy melted away and the day turned out to be a flood of peace, unity, and pure joy ! 

Marching together in unity in order to protect our right to equality and encourage our nation to remember that all people deserve love, respect, and empowerment.

Sisterhood, love, and creativity (some of the signs were ingeniously hilarious!) is what I can recall so vividly. 

We marched and chanted all throughout downtown LA peacefully, unified, and empowered. We chanted, sang, and danced along with musicians in the crowd.

We proudly held up our signs reading



The skies were bright blue and it really felt like the clouds parted for all of us. There was a downpour of rain that very next day.  There was so much vibrance it's hard to not think of the day without seeing it through rose colored lenses.

Pink hats, red lips, colorful signs, artistic imagery everywhere along with a true tangible sense of camaraderie.

A proud day for every woman. 

"No hate, no fear immigrants are welcome here!"

"Her body her choice, my body my choice !" 

As women we are such layered beings. We are creators, mothers, daughters, best friends, lovers, encouragers, laborers, and obviously excellent multi-taskers.

The beauty of the message of equality is that we don't have to choose one role.

We don't have to be limited to someone else's idea of what a woman is supposed to embody. We embody womanhood from the day we were created. 

Everyone is included in this.

Every body type, every religion, every personality, we are all beautiful multi faceted women! 

The role of every woman is to be herself. It's amazing how much love exudes from a woman who accepts herself and chooses to lift up her sisters.


It is not societies role to limit you, to define your sexuality, to make you believe you don't have ownership over your own beautiful body.


You CAN be sexual AND serious.

You CAN love fashion AND humanitarianism.

You CAN be gentle AND strong.


You can be whatever the FUCK you want ! 

You are divinely created, infinitely loved, and have every right to shine brightly.


What a beautiful concept that we need to remind ourselves of everyday. It gets tough out there, which is why unity is so important.

Headstrong Mama's Unite !



The work of this march is not only to stand together in sisterhood and solidarity for the protection of our rights, our safety, our families and our environment -- but it is also to build relationships and mend the divides between our communities. It’s hard work, and it will be ongoing. It’s an ambitious goal – one that reaches far beyond January 21st – but we believe that there is no other way forward. Only together can we march towards freedom.

We stand together in solidarity for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.
In the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.
We support the advocacy and resistance movements that reflect our multiple and intersecting identities. We call on all defenders of human rights to join us. This march is the first step towards unifying our communities, grounded in new relationships, to create change from the grassroots level up. We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all.

-Women's March on Washington


To learn more about how to continue taking action and empower women visit

the official Women's March site HERE



In the birthplace of the bohemian movement we found ourselves full of mysticism and the need to create. With The Rolling Stones fueling our rebel spirits we let ourselves roam free while our inspiration consumed us. The lush landscapes of the South of France and the lavish age old architecture dripped romance. We followed this romanticism and rebelled against our typical confines, to find a place that is as true and pure as Rock n' Roll …










Experiencing The Rollings Stones in Havana, Cuba alongside millions of people 

was pure magic.

The raw energy, the community that arose from the crowd, Keith Richards shredding his heart out, the nostalgic sounds, everything culminating to create a sensory overload of an experience. 

It left us craving more.

We were so moved and transformed, we felt the need to try to harness this energy, to somehow create a monument, a moment, some piece of art to capture, treasure and share.


(Click below to watch The Rolling Stones in Cuba)





The story behind The Stones album "Exile on Main Street" in itself is an ode to their rebel spirits and Rock n' Roll ways. Captured by the legendary french photographer Dominique Tarlé

“A carnival of characters paraded through: Terry Southern, Gram Parsons, John Lennon, even a tribal band from Bengal… dope dealers from Marseille; petty thieves, who stole most of the drugs and half the furniture; and hangers-on, all of them there to witness what was happening.”

Dominique Tarlé

The Stones fled to Paris to escape tax troubles, lady troubles, and waves of bad press.

But what came from this dark phase is referred to by critics

 as "Rock n' Rolls most Rock n' Roll album"

"When they weren't hitting their sweet spot, they could sound a whole lot like, say, a bunch of impaired people jamming in somebody's basement. There must have been hour upon hour, day upon day, of tedium and despair. But this, apparently, was how they needed to work: by feeling around in the dark for magic. Did the Stones spend too much of their time at Nellcôte stoned and lollygagging? Well, what's too much? And whose time was it? Ultimately, it's never been any of our business, however luridly fascinating the legends may be, and however much the Stones themselves may invite our attention with the noise of publicity. What they actually managed to accomplish — no less than the quintessential rock & roll album — ought to shut everybody up. Of course, it never will." - Rolling Stone


We can't help but relate to this notion of dark leading to light and the overall, sometimes agonizing, creative process leading you to  

MAGIC if you let it.

As artists we need to be free in order to create.

We to fled to Paris to capture our sweet spot... 



Artists seeking inspiration...

We needed to get out, to get lost, to let our rebel spirits run free, to give in fully to our artistic desires in order to create our monument to Rock n' Roll.

Paris, the birthplace of the bohemian movement as you may have heard is the perfect place for this. This collection is our way of sharing our love and artistic interpretation of the aura that is 

Exile on Main Street

We wanted to run fucking wild after Cuba and we wanted this collection to express the inner rebel within us all. We set up in a Parisian loft, blared the Stones, rallied our team of rockstars in our eyes, and watched as our visions came to life. 

Sometimes a new scene can really start you up

Every corner of this city sparks intrigue and romance. Let's be honest we could have designed a whole collection based on the beauty of The Luxembourg Gardens, but we stayed true to the Stones and let our rebellious, romantic, inspired spirits lead us



#BellaBeautyTribe Feature No. 16: LILI

What makes you beautiful?

This is a love story about the women we know and the women we want to know.

The go getters, the humble souls, the women who inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

The true goddess who is centered in love and joy.

The women to whom you can relate, who find humor in their own flaws, and who tell it to you straight—when no one else will.

A celebration of beautiful women who shine bright from within.

They don't follow the pack, they lead the crowd.

Their beauty is contagious.

They lead with their heart and follow their dreams.

They balance so much, and they do it with grace and beauty.

They are the true definition of Bella.


We met LILI while on location in Isla shooting our Summer 17 Collection.


Instantly we are struck by her joyful presence, we know there is a colorful story to unfold.

We knew Isla would be a whirlwind of a shoot so while searching for the Bella to give life to The Spirit of Isla we searched for a fellow adventurer as well. 


We quickly learned that Lili has a deep and special connection to nature. It's as if she knows the suns language and the palms bend toward the light she illuminates. 


She is completely herself and has a special way of connecting with strangers. She is open, free, engaging, and completely, unapologetically silly. 


Her natural warmth makes it feel as if you've known her for years.

This inner warmth and intrinsic connection with the natural world make complete sense when she tells us stories about her childhood.


She grew up in Hawaii living the true island life with her mom, siblings, and a ton of animals.

She tells us stories of chasing chickens and always feeling free.

Her family grew up in a crooked shack with no electricity but as she explains " We had very little, but were rich with white sand beaches, fruitful trees, tropical sun, and each other."

She is humble, kind, and an absolute Bella.

Thank you for showing us gratitude and for all the life you brought to The Spirt of Isla!  


The Bella Tribe


What was it like growing up in Hawaii living the island life?

Very chill. I grew up with lots of animals and siblings in a little crooked shack. We heated water with a wood-burning furnace and took baths in tin buckets. As kids, our days consisted of going to the beach, chasing chickens, and stealing mangos from our neighbors yard. We had very little, but were rich with white sand beaches, fruitful trees, tropical sun, and each other.

What have you been listening to lately?


How would you define love?

A chemical reaction in the brain that makes you feel ooey gooey unexplainable things.

How has your upbringing shaped your worldview today?

I learned from an early age what really matters in life, and I feel incredibly lucky. I look forward to raising my kids the same way.

What are you most grateful for when traveling ? 

All the new textures and colors and authentic food. Uhhhh the foooood.

What makes you feel so connected to animals?

They’ve been around my whole life and were always treated like family. I definitely inherited my love for animals from my mom, who’s never turned her back from a creature in need.

How were you introduced to Cleobella?

I was suggested for a shoot through Melodi Meadows – an inspiring creative that I’ve admired for years!

What does the word "Bella" mean to you?

Beautiful of course! A beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, a beautiful purpose.

How would you describe your personal style?

Casual, tropical, semi-clad. Always on the hunt for thrifted gems!

What are your keys to happiness?

Family family family! {including fur family} Delicious, fresh food…and gratitude.  

Beauty is…

 Subjective. Don’t compare…love yourself, and don’t let your mind bully your body.